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The stable HCNOS isotope compositions can be reported as (a) the isotope ratio of two stable isotopes (R); (b) the isotope delta value (δ); or (c) the atom fraction of the isotopes (x). EasyIsoCalculator is an Excel spreadsheet allowing fast and easy recalculations between these expressions of stable isotope compositions, following algorithms described by Skrzypek and Dunn 2020.

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Grzegorz Skrzypek


FRAME is a software for the stable isotope FRactionation And Mixing Evaluation. This calculation tool allows simultaneous source partitioning and fractionation progress determination based on the stable isotope composition of sources/substrates and mixture/products using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo model published by Lewicki, Lewicka-Szczebak and Skrzypek, 2022. 

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